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When Jesus was in public ministry, we see that he was focused on individuals and small groups of people. Yes, He fed the five thousand, but His most intimate moments were shared with a much smaller group. Though BLC is growing, we know that every member of our faith family wants and needs to feel a strong sense of community and connectedness, through times of joy and moments of grief. 

This is why the ministry of Elders exists to follow Biblical instruction and bring to the congregation a level of ministry that demonstrates Christ-like care for our members. 

Bethlehem Lutheran Church has a tradition of enlisting qualified men, 1 Timothy 3:8-10, as Elders to assist the pastor in carrying out his duties. They are assistants to the Pastor but not assistant pastors. The Board of Elders functions are many but one of the most important is to pray for, encourage and promote the spiritual, emotional, and physical health and welfare of the pastor and his family. 

The Board supports the pastor in preaching the Word of God in truth and purity, and in administering the sacraments in accordance with Christ’s institution. The Elders help strengthen the caring link with the church staff, members of other boards, as well as all individual members of the church. 

With the leadership of the pastoral team they also pray for, encourage and promote the spiritual,

emotional, and physical health of the congregation. 

Each member of the congregation is placed under the care of an Elder, so that when a need arises, someone will always be available to help. Elders are intimately connected with their individual groups and follow up with those that are in need. They actively pray for and connect with all who are sick, hurt, or shut-in. As leaders in the church, Elders encourage spiritual growth through their own regular church attendance, study of the Word, receiving of the Lord’s Supper, an active prayer life, and increased involvement in the mission and ministry of the church. The Board of Elders reviews the overall climate of the congregation monthly, always seeking ways to improve the spiritual health of the church.  


Prayer Requests

If you would like to request prayer, please call the church office or 

click here to submit a prayer. 

Remember to always mark who you would like to be praying for you.

Contact: Gordon Gruhn | or 904.285.2444



How can I find out who my elder is?

Send your name to 

We will respond by providing your elder contact information.

When should I contact my elder?
If there is an event in life that brings you joy or sorrow and you wish spiritual care and nurturing.

How can I help my elder?

Keep him informed of any changes to your address, phone number or email. Let him know if you’re moving away so assistance in finding another church home can be provided. Pray for him and his family; this is a wonderful way to share in our congregational life.


Dean of Elders - Gordon Gruhn

Directory of Elders

ELDERS Email address 2018 (pdf)


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