Confirmation is a unique opportunity for parents and students to confirm the faith that God begins at baptism. Let's face it, in our world it is far too easy for young people to find their way to philosophies and thoughts that are not in line with God's revelation. Without intentional training our young people don't stand a chance. Confirmation seeks to equip these young, impressionable students with a powerful faith in Jesus Christ that they can use to cut through the lies of the world and of Satan.  

During the confirmation course, students in seventh and eighth grades will be walked through the pages of Martin Luther's Small Catechism, which is among the great theologians most thoughtful works. To add depth to the learning, our confirmation courses include many real life experiences such as trips to the beach to contemplate creation and walks through cemeteries to discuss the human condition.  As with all biblical teaching, confirmation's purpose is to orient young individuals to reality and prepare them for a life of following the living God.     

Across the board, research shows that the most important factor in faith formation for young people is what mom and dad say and do. With this in mind Bethlehem Lutheran's confirmation ministry is designed to partner with parents in their journey to raise children who love and serve Jesus. Our children are going into a very difficult era for Christianity. Through confirmation parents and pastors prepare young people to rely on the One who came into our world to love and to serve each one of them.  

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If there are any questions or comments about confirmation please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to aid you in your walk of faith. God's Grace, Mercy and Peace to you!

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