2020 Advent By Candlelight

      This year we are blessed to be able to hold this event in both Disciples Hall and the Courtyard.  The Courtyard will have a screened in area with heat and light so it will be pleasant and comfortable.

Registration for ABC Attendees or Table Hostesses opens in September in the Narthex.  

We look forward to worshiping God in this special way.

Save the Date

In the midst of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we look forward to better days when the crisis is over and life returns to normal. Here’s one joyful event to put on our calendars for later this year when things have settled down.

The 2020 Women’s Advent by Candlelight will be Saturday, December 5, 2-5 p.m. The event has been moved to a Saturday afternoon instead of the Sunday evening of past years. The change was made by the ABC Planning Committee at its recent meeting.    

There are multiple reasons for moving to a Saturday afternoon. One of the most important is feedback that nighttime driving is difficult for many women, especially seniors. This sentiment was expressed by a significant number of attendees, as well as some women who did not attend because they didn’t want to drive in the dark. 

Another reason for the change is to accommodate women with young children. These mothers said they wished to be home Sunday evening to help with their children’s nighttime routines. 

A third reason is to reach out to employed women. Some of these members stated they like to be home Sunday evenings to prepare for the next day’s work.  

In response to these comments and in order to make ABC accessible to as many women as possible, the committee decided to move the event to Saturday afternoon. The worship service will remain similar to previous years, but the fellowship meal will be lightened to resemble a High Tea, with appetizers, petite sandwiches, and desserts instead of the hearty potluck of last year. There will still be the elegant tables and beautiful decorations that have become much-loved hallmarks of ABC. 

Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 5, 2-5 p.m. Lord willing, the coronavirus will have run its course by then, and the women of Bethlehem will be able to gather in worship and fellowship to start the Advent season focusing on our Lord at Advent by Candlelight.

As we pencil the event on our calendars, we are reminded that the current health crisis will pass in God’s good time, and our Christian gatherings with other believers will be graciously restored.  In the meantime, we pray God for His love and protection during the corona pandemic. And we appreciate more-than-ever the daily gifts He provides.

In His service,

Bonnie Arndt

           To Register as a Table Hostess, contact: Darlene Maxwell, Text 904-307-9078, darbill1@bellsouth.net or Jan Runko, Text 516-761-4122, jaleschus@msn.com