Life Groups

Life Groups are essential to spiritual growth, care, and outreach

 It is not a newly found concept. Jesus himself had his own small group of 12 people. Although He had a much larger community of followers, He invested the majority of His time and efforts in the lives of these few, special people. Our goal is to give each individual an opportunity to nurture their faith through Christian fellowship and Bible study. Life Groups are essential to spiritual growth, care, and outreach. They help the members of our congregation develop friendships and a support system in times of difficulty and joy. 

Ministry Life Groups - Servants of God at His house

Grounded in Faith

 In 2015 we began coming to church once a month on Saturday mornings. We are a small group but a hard working group. Please join us the first Saturday of the month at 8 am in the summer to weed around our church properties 

 Contact: Church Office l 904.249.5418

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild 's primary mission is to prepare and maintain our sanctuary for use  by God's family. We prepare for regular Sunday worship services, celebrating communion every Sunday. We also prepare for Lent, Easter, Christmas, as well as other special events. To make worship meaningful for our congregation and friends is truly the Guild's privilege.

Each member who serves on the Altar Guild is committed to this service. We appreciate their gifts of time and warmly welcome any and all members of Bethlehem Lutheran to join. 

Contact: Valerie Gruhn l 904.536.2912 or 

Widow and Widowers' Club

 This is a social outlet where people come who want to have fun, and be useful. We are a vibrant and active group that believes in serving. We have adopted BLC's military prayer list as our ongoing service ministry. Each month we get together for fun, service, devotion and prayer. Maybe a trip, or simply a walk on the beach. We look forward to meeting and serving with you. 

Contact: Eunice Schauer l 904.292.0254 or

Music Ministries - There Is A Place For You

Adult Choral Choir

The Adult Choral Choir serves to learn and sing a variety of styles

of sacred music to praise our Lord. We rehearse weekly on

Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. 

 Contact: Kathleen Olive, Minister of Music l 904.249.5418 ext 17


Praise Team

We have a number of musicians who share their talents for

the 9:30 am Family Service on Sundays. There is truly a wide

variety of music for worship, and anyone who would like to

 join this group, be it as a soloist or with others, is welcome. 

        Contact: Kathleen Olive, Minister of Music l 904.249.5418 ext 17


Special Solists

 The Music Ministry is always looking for and honored to have

special soloists join in on any given Sunday.  

     Contact: Kathleen Olive, Minister of Music l 904.249.5418 ext 17


Adult Handbell Choir

The Handbell Choir is a great way for people to get involved in

music ministry for those who can’t, don’t or choose not to sing.

   Regardless of your music level, or lack thereof, we have a place for you! 

Contact: Kristine Murray Perryman l 

Life Groups Formed Around The Study of the Word

Want to learn more about God, His Word, His works, and His promises? Bible Study is for you.

If you would like more information on any of our Life Groups or Bible Studies, please contact the Church Office or watch our Sunday bulletins for more information.

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